John Griffin, Author at Transmission Digest
What is that Unpleasant Grinding Noise?

John Griffin confronts a 5R55E unit with oil-pan bolts wiggling such that the pan is shifted past the mating surface of the block.

Magic Boxes and Basic Wiring

However, one thing that has remained fairly constant through the years is the wiring that connects to all of those “magic boxes.” Copper wires in a vinyl sheath; seems simple enough. Where it gets a little complicated is with CAN network protocols, module connectivity and the like. It’s easy to suspect these things when diagnosing a customer issue, and just as easy to forget the basics. The following cases involve the latter: basic wiring issues creating a customer complaint.

Blame it on the Torque Converter

A 2006 Chrysler 300 AWD came into our shop with a shudder concern. The vehicle was equipped with a 5.7-liter hemi engine coupled with a Mercedes 722.6 transmission, and it had 84,751 miles on the clock. The customer brought it to us for a second opinion. Prior to the visit to our shop, the customer had taken the vehicle to a Chrysler dealer for evaluation. The dealer had diagnosed the problem and determined that a torque-converter replacement was in order.

‘New’ Does Not Equal ‘Good’

Diagnosis is a challenge for any shop. Sometimes things can get even more complicated because of a previous repair, or a part that has been replaced recently. This case involves both of these scenarios. After all, we really want to believe that a new part is a good one, right?