Frank Kuperman, Author at Transmission Digest
45RFE: Mystery Code 1781

This is another one of those frustrating and mind-boggling codes that you do everything to try to get rid of but it seems to always come back. The worst part about this code is that it will not appear when the vehicle is in your shop. Unfortunately, the code is intermittent and its frequency is erratic.

German Electrical Insanity

For those select few of you who have taken on the task of either rebuilding or installing a Volkswagen 01M transmission, you know that these units can be difficult. This transmission is very easy to rebuild, and usually the internal parts are in good shape.

Exploring the Globally Diverse JF506E

In today’s global economy, manufacturers of all types of goods are looking into joint ventures with other global partners. In the past the transmission industry has had dealings in this global marketplace. Ford and GM have been using and continue to use ZF Industries to provide medium-duty manual transmissions for its pickup trucks. ZF automatic transmissions are now finding their way into a growing number of non-German vehicles.