David Finley, Author at Transmission Digest
Hot off the Wire

My first appointment of the day was a customer with a 2001 PT Cruiser. The complaint was, “It feels like the gears are all slipping, and a light is on in the gauge panel.”

I started my evaluation with a fluid check and pulled the codes. The fluid was at normal level, and the code pulled up was P0750 for a solenoid error in the TCM. There were no ECM codes.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Those of us in the business have seen all different kinds of oddball installations and strange diagnoses that make absolutely no sense. There are so many variables that can contribute to a problem, and finding the root cause is an ongoing challenge for all of us. To complicate things even further, if you don’t have the background story on the vehicle you’re trying to fix, you’re working with assumptions that can easily get you into trouble. This story is an example of one such repair challenge.