Cassidy Sollazzo, Author at Transmission Digest
The effects of supply chain holdup on the transmission industry

Everyone is aware of the current supply chain issues plaguing our industry and many others. Between a lack of raw materials that affect all rubber/paper and steel products and problems with containers at our ports, these are issues that will continue through Q2 of 2022, if not beyond. This is happening during a time when

Automatic trends in Europe: A transmission on the rise

Recent years have seen a rapid growth in automatic transmission use in European countries, but it took a long time to get there. In 1997, only 10-12 percent of new cars in Europe had automatic transmissions compared to over 90 percent use of automatic seen in the United States, according to Automotive News Europe. There

Chips ahoy: What the microchip shortage means for the transmission industry

A shortage of microchips and other automotive parts is creating a scarcity of new cars on dealership lots. Inventories of new cars to buy or lease are very constricted and aren’t likely to be back to normal for several months. Jean-Marc Chery, CEO of chip manufacturing company STMicroelectronics, says the effects of the shortages are