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“I think we’re one of the last, large hard parts specialty houses that will ship a part directly to a shop while selling high-volume quantities to perhaps a half dozen production remanufacturer customers,” said Jeff Burris during a recent Transmission Digest visit to Dunkirk, Indiana hard parts supplier Teal Automotive, Inc. Jeff wears several hats as he oversees purchasing and overall facility operations.

Shop profile: Delta Transmission follows the golden rule

Naturally he took it to someone he knew- Corbet Bonds, then-owner of Delta Transmission. Delta Transmission was first covered by Transmission Digest in 2000 (Vol. 19, No. 6). It is just as clear now as it was then that Roger’s fascination is what led him to his position. Unlike some customers, Roger didn’t sit in the lobby drinking coffee, or run errands while his vehicle was repaired. Instead, he watched the process of the transmission being rebuilt. “I thought, well, shoot that’s kind of neat,” he said.

From The Publisher

It’s been a year of progress and change for the powertrain aftermarket in general and particularly for Transmission Digest. As we settle into our acquisition by Babcox Media, you’ll be seeing a lot more of our brand. We’re expanding our digital presence beginning in January with much more content coming much more often. The same is true with video productions, webinars and podcasts.

Shop Profile: Straight Line Transmissions Inc.

Inside the Straight Line Transmissions Inc. shop in Greenbrier, Arkansas, you will find four bays and five lifts, and Caleb Emberson is about to add a sixth. It’s impressive growth from the one-man transmission operation that Caleb bootstrapped six and a half years ago.

Customer Facing

“Quality is the ante to play in this industry, so just providing quality products doesn’t differentiate us,” said Jim Young, Director of Systems at ETE REMAN. “Where we stand out is the customer relationship. In reality, that’s how ETE became what it is.

There’s Still $$ in Manuals:

On the one hand, manual transmissions have slowly become less available as automatics, CVTs and DCTs have been adopted in response to changing customer preferences and fuel economy requirements. That said, the venerable third pedal is still available for passenger cars both domestically and on a number of import nameplates. One notable standby missing a manual shift option for 2020 is the Corvette. Wow!

Shop Profile: American Transmissions LLC

All-American Business, Small-Town Values
Springfield, Mo., business American Transmissions LLC operates under the premise that the customer should get what they pay for.

Freudenburg-NOK’s Trans Tec plant

On the Cover
Transmission Digest visits Freudenburg-NOK’s Trans Tec plant in Milan, Ohio, and discusses the future of transmissions and the company.

Customer Service in the Queen City

Mike Yeager entered a transmission shop after he moved to Cincinnati because his car was in desperate need of repair. Now he owns Northgate Transmissions, where his customers get a personal touch to their service and never leave the shop with an apology instead of a repair.

Quality Decisions

After entering the doors of Consolidated Vehicle Converters (CVC) you will quickly notice why every visitor has commented on the cleanliness and organizational skills of this remanufacturing facility which is phenomenal considering the dirty pieces of work they deal with every hour of every day.

Oetiker – Putting It Together

“It’s easy to think of a connector or clamp as something simple,” said Oetiker Regional Marketing Manager Brett Moffett. “But, there is a reason that the OEMs have consciously decided to invest into the quality and reliability of the Oetiker connection. The same consideration is as important in a high-mileage aftermarket application as it was

Not Just Transmissions

The employees of Transmissions and More in Fairfield, Ohio are dedicated to what they do. The president was even willing to take time to talk to Transmission Digest in the middle of his workday.