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Torque converter supplier listing 2023

As part of TD’s annual July focus on torque converters, below is a listing of torque converter suppliers for 2023, with information submitted by the companies. Active companies in the Transmission Digest supplier database have provided the information contained in the following listing. Every effort has been made to accurately portray the data provided. View

The transmission repair industry: Globally integrated

I recently read an article reported on the Global Newswire that finds the world’s transmission repair aftermarket is continuing to grow. In that article, the authors found that what was about $188 million global industry was expected to approach $235 million by 2028. There are certainly differences among the various nations in the units in

Kitting keeps us profitable: Aftermarket kit suppliers listing 2023

The kitting of transmission parts has made profitable shop operation possible. When a kit with 100 parts is necessary, a distributor has already assembled all the important components into the kit and it is typically sitting on the shelf ready to be delivered. Kitting saves time and effort for both the shop and the supplying

A part for every need: Hard parts supplier listing 2023

One of the earliest signs that an industry was forming was a transition to specialty transmission hard parts suppliers emerging from general salvage yards, to create the efficient flow of those parts to every shop in the nation. As the automatic transmission became the dominant powertrain option from automakers, some salvage yards specialized in supplying

2023 State of the Powertrain Industry

The Transmission Digest Annual Survey of Retail Shops has served as benchmark and planning tool for the industry now for the past 37 years. Charts and tables in this study are based on a survey that was conducted early this year. Where differences are obvious, we separate the responses of transmission specialty shops from general

BorgWarner’s Tom Hardies passes

It is with great sadness that we share unexpected news of the Dec. 17 passing of Tom Hardies, Senior Sales Manager at BorgWarner Powertrain. Tom was a remarkable leader; a quiet person with a dry sense of humor he shared with those around him. Outside of his work, Tom was an athlete who enjoyed the

Counterfeit parts: Let the buyer beware

There is a Latin term handed down from English common law: “Caveat Emptor,” which means “let the buyer beware” of what is purchased. In this era when purchasing parts and other products online is becoming more common, that cautious approach to purchasing is of particular importance. Recently Transmission Digest participated in a discussion with a

Se habla Español!

I had an interesting phone call this month, one that reminded me that while transmission builders are the automotive equivalent of brain surgeons, they aren’t necessarily possessed with the skills of clairvoyance or telepathy. The caller wanted to know if there was a Spanish language version of the articles in Transmission Digest. While the magazine

A wealth of information: Recapping the TCRA Annual Seminar

The profitable and proper remanufacturing of torque converters served as the focus for the 24th annual seminars and meetings of the Torque Converter Rebuilders Association (TCRA). The two-day event was held in the Detroit area in June and drew approximately 100 participants. As has been the case since the first of these converter segment get-togethers,

Lucille Treganowan passes

The industry lost a pioneer and Transmission Digest lost a friend on May 19, when Lucille Treganowan passed away in Pittsburgh at the age of 92. With three children to support, Lucille took an office job in an automotive shop in 1960. She eventually learned the ins and outs of transmissions and opened Transmissions By

Industry pioneer Pete Kubrick dies

Pete Kubrick passed away last month at the age of 84. Pete was well known as the owner of Kason Transmission Shop and later of Transmission Parts Supply (TPS) headquartered in Texarkana, Texas. TPS grew to open several branches in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. Upon his 2013 retirement, the business was sold to Transtar. Pete

Torque Converter Rebuilder Association annual seminar set for June

The Torque Converter Rebuilder Association (TCRA) has scheduled its annual program of seminars for June 24 and 25 in Troy, Michigan at the Detroit Marriott, Troy. Included in the event will be Friday tours of the Henry Ford Museum and Ford’s F-150 Rouge assembly plant and an early evening reception at the GM Heritage Center.