Andrew Hicks, Author at Transmission Digest
You Don’t Have to Sell Something to Gain a Customer

Recently I went to my local big box hardware store in search of oil to fix a squeaky door hinge. I have always had mediocre service at this place—nothing great, nothing bad. It’s usually a high-schooler walking around who doesn’t know much of anything but will give a half effort at pointing you in the right direction. They have decent prices, and almost always have the parts I need in stock, so I return again and again.

The Cheap Haircut

It’s great to show your personality, make jokes, and upsell to increase your bottom line. At the end of the day, if your main product sucks, none of the rest matters.

Honesty, Here’s My Wallet

If I encounter a sales rep who even remotely sounds like he’s trying to feed me B.S., I’ll take my money elsewhere – simple as that. Once trust in the individual is broken, it makes you question the honesty of the company – and products.