Andy Eineichner, Author at Transmission Digest
Millennial Marketing Can Be Awesome for Your Business

Encountering a millennial in the workplace is pretty normal for most of us now, depending on the industry. If you’re in a business that utilizes technology, then there’s a bigger chance you’re surrounded by millennials – or maybe you’re a millennial yourself. If you’re in the automotive or machining industry, it may be different. Regardless of your industry, you probably have people talking about millennials whether it’s good or bad, true or false, right or wrong, the stereotypes are out there in full force.

The Fast and the Furious Way to Make Sales

In context, this is exclusively talking about racing cars. Out of context, I’d argue that this applies to sales. Standing by your car is like standing next to a list of sales you’ve made. Sure, it’s cool to have a mile-long list to show how many people you can sell something to. But after a while, you’ll likely run out of people willing to fork over their money. Racing your car is when you’re performing your job. When you put in the work to hone your craft and take challenges head on, you become one of the best. Your skills lead to admiration. Admiration earns respect. Respect opens the door to friendship. With that friendship, your list of possible customers can be endless.