Angie Daugherty, Author at Transmission Digest
Don’t Let a Boska Get You Down

A boska might be bossy, but somebody’s got to be in charge, and it’s not always easy. The next time you’ve spent your day trying to please someone you perceive as being a tough boss, challenge yourself to grow as a person and as a professional. Learn to work with that boss and fight through the challenge.

How to Be the Good ‘Bad Guy’

Shooting down ideas and projects won’t make you popular, but it’s a necessary evil. As one of the guardians for how we do things and who we are, I’ve learned that there’s a right way and a wrong way for keeping on track.

Behind-the-Scenes Branding

Branding can function just like traditional marketing. Take a print ad, for example. Ultimately, a customer will go to your website or pick up the phone because what was on paper was compelling, interesting, memorable, or just a really great deal. When you approach branding a B2B business the same way, your customers think of you and the feeling and/or service you give them when their customer is right in front of them. Branding contributes to the actions of a sale.

Power to the Peon

The project he is working on is behind schedule. He believes that there is nothing he can do about his team running behind. Leadership in the organization won’t support him trying out some new things to get his project headed in the right direction, he believes. “I’m just a peon and can’t do anything to change how things are done,” he said.

Where Did All the Good Customers Go?

Every 3,000 miles, I get to make a decision – where to take my car in for an oil change. Typically, I take it to my usual place, so it’s kind of a non-decision. But on my most recent visit, their customer service was particularly terrible.