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Raybestos introduces 10R80, 10L80/90 GPZ E Clutch Torqkit

Raybestos has announced the new 10R80, 10L80 E Clutch Torqkit. The company says it features an increased clutch count with...

Precision’s Milt Frese to retire

Milt Frese, known to countless shop customers and just about anybody attending a trade show or weekend seminar is the...

Reman Unit Suppliers

A formatting error (now corrected) occurred when posting the recent e-Powertrain Bulletin causing some confusion within the document. The listing...

BorgWarner Wins Coveted DEI, Learning Accolades

The company was recognized by Brandon Hall Group with a gold award and a silver award.

Video: Why You Need an Aluminum Additive

Today's ATFs have many other additives to protect against metal contact with other ferrous metals, not aluminum.

6R140 Center Supports

In this episode, Transtar’s Dave Hritsko explains some of the features of the 6R140 – (hint) they are super heavy. If you haven’t worked on one of these yet, be prepared, they have large and heavy components. These transmissions have a big plate on the back of the planetary that is basically a bearing race […]

Win a Trip to Hawaii with Transtar's Rewards Program

Transtar’s Patrick Flannery explains the benefits of using their transend application for earning rewards to concerts, golf courses and trips – even to Hawaii! If you are already ordering parts from Transtar, why not get some extra points towards something fun? If you have not signed up for a transend account, check it out here.

Transmission/TECH Talk

Honda Odyssey BYKA Clutch Piston Seal Failure

Complaint: A 2012 Honda Odyssey equipped with the BYKA six-speed transmission has complaints of erratic shifts. The transmission had an...

KIA A6MF2H Hybrid Engine Stalls in Drive

Complaint: A 2012 Kia Optima Hybrid equipped with a 2.4L engine and the A6MF2H transmission has a complaint of the...

Hyundai/KIA A5HF1 (F5A51) Binds in Reverse, No 4th Gear

Complaint: After overhaul, a Hyundai or Kia equipped with the A5HF1 (F5A-51) transmission binds up in reverse range and does...

Dodge Ram 65RFE Erratic Shifting

No trouble codes are stored, however, the scan tool indicated the downshifts out of sixth and fifth gears were commanded.

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